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Nasty Girl lyrics

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That's right, pleased to meet you
I still won't tell you my name.
Don't you believe in mystery,
Don't you want to play my game?

I'm looking for a man to love me
Like I've never been loved before.
I'm looking for a man that'll do it anywhere,
Even on the limosine floor.

'Cause tonight, living in a fantasy,
In My own little nasty world.
Tonight, don't you want to come with me,
Do you think I'm a nasty girl?

I guess I'm just use to sailors,
I think they've got water on the brain.
I think they've got more water upstairs
Than they've got sugar on the candy cane.

That's right, it's been a long time,
Since I had a man that did it real good.
If you ain't scared, take it out,
I'll do it like a real-live nasty girl should.

Please, please
Please, please
Nasty girl, nasty girl, do you think I'm a nasty girl?
Nasty girl, nasty girl, do you think I'm a nasty girl?

I don't like this groove.
Try and give me something I can croon to.
Catch my drift?
That lwork.......

That's right, I can't control it.
I need seven inches or more.
Tonight, I can no longer hold it.
Get it up, get it up, I can't wait anymore......

Uh, It's time to jam,
Dance nasty girls, dance
Everybody Uh!

Is that it? Umm....
Wake me when you're done.
I guess you'll be the only one having fun.

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