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Bedda Man lyrics

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Bedda Man lyrics song presented by Ginuwine :

Do you love me?
Of course I love you baby but you keep bringing up the past
Well the past hurts
You gonna have to let it go though
It's hard though baby
Things happen, things change, we move on, we grow, we learn, and then that's it... Let it go
Well, you gonna be a better man for me?

Girl I know all the things that I did to you
It's hard to let go cause it hurts
But if I am the one that you want and
You love
We've gotta try hard to make this work
There's been times when I thought it was done you were go and gone forever
Out the door
My life was done and out in the cold
And them things I won't do no more

I know it's getting you
But don't give up on me
I wanna be a bedda man
Don't live in the past we gotta move ahead

I'm tryin to be a bedda man
If this is what you really want
Then act like this is what you want
Try and make it work
Don't give up on us
Cause I am a bedda man

[Verse 2:]
You forgave all the things that I did to you
So why you always bringing up the past
I know what I did was wrong and so
But doing that won't make us last
Now's the time for us both to move on look ahead
And base everything
On right now
Cause if we don't move on and start all over
We might as well end it all now


[Verse 3:]
Why you pushing me testing me baby
Why you pushing me testing me baby
Why you trying me dogging me baby
You can trust
In me promise you baby
I love you can't you see baby
Please don't give up on me baby
I am a different man baby
Love has changed this man baby
Why you dogging me baby

[Chorus 2x]

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