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G. Thang lyrics

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G. Thang lyrics song presented by Ginuwine :

Verse*One Come*
here shorty hey, Girl
your lookin' fine I
heard your searchin' for a real love And
I'm really Ginuwine I
come to move your body hey, Keep
it jumpin' like a party hey, Come
on everybody were gonna do it my way Chorus

a G thang hey, Came
to party till the break of dawn Watch
my speakers bang Until
daylight comes and we wanna go home Verse

*Two I*
like me a buzz hey hey, But
I don't want to smoke a weed Why
smoke a box of Philly Plums When
she can get high on G Go
pick up a girlfriend They
can ride in my benz Cause
I'm taking everybody Where
G likes to party Chorus


it off on the left ya'll Set
if off on the right ya'll Set
it off Set
it off by subjection Set
it off on the right ya'll Set
it off set, it off

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