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Hello lyrics

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Hello lyrics song presented by Ginuwine :

up the phone Umm...
Hmmm Baby
Pick up the phone Chorus

all alone Baby
pick up the phone (Baby pick up the phone) And
call a brotha some time (Call a brotha some time) To
see what's on my mind (See what's on my mind) Baby

I'm all alone Baby
pick up the phone (All you gotta do is dial my number) And
call a brotha some time To
see what's on my mind Verse

*One Hello*
my love Yo
it's me again I
can't figure out Where
the hell you've been Can
you feel me in On
just where we stand I
thought I was your nig' I
thought I was your man Used

to share the things Things
that lovers do Can't
loose your love Girl
I'm telling you All
my life it's been Such
a hectic race Wanna
settle down You
I cannot replace baby, Chorus

all alone) (Pick
up the phone) (Call
me anytime that you need me baby) (See
what I'm thinking about you baby), (Ooohh)
you gotta do is dial my number baby) (I'll
be there) Verse

*Two Sitting*
think here 'Bout
the times we shared Now
I'm feeling down Cause
you never left Calling
constantly Blowing
up your phone Wondering
if you're Ever
coming home I

can't think about Nothing
else but you So
there's nothing there I
can't believe we're through All
this time I thought We
would never part When
we were in love Darling
you had my heart Talking

Baby.... pick up the phone I.
know you hear me Baby.
I'm sorry you, know what I'm saying I?
didn't mean what I did You.
know what I mean I?
know you listening to me Baby Why
don't you just pick up the phone Be.
real about it you, know what I mean Oh?
you, gonna play like that I?
can't believe your going out like that That's.
real ill You, know what I mean That's?
I'ight then I'ma
keeping Ballin Chorus

all alone) (baby
pick up the phone) (all
you gotta do is pick up the phone) (I've
been thinking about you yeah), (Ohh)
pick up the phone baby) See

what's on my mind See...
what's on my mind See...
what's on my mind

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