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I Know lyrics

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I Know lyrics song presented by Ginuwine :

Verse*One I*
caught your eye looking my way But
you seem so shy Don't
be scared I, won't hurt you And
darlin' that's no lie Believe
I can do things to you you, never dreamed I
won't give up till you posses in, life the finer things Chorus

know know, what you do want Honey
stop the fakin' Come
on and get with me baby drive, me crazy Feel
me hold, me love, me squeeze, me (Repeat)

*Two With*
you it seems to be Me
you want but, you've been hurt I
lived those days so you know I, want just one and only one Playin
the field seems foul to me If, you have love to give In
life there is no time to waste and, that's not the way to live Chorus


my lady I'll
never treat you wrong Drive
my Mercedez All
that I have you, can own You're
so precious You're
my queen You're
my baby You're
my baby Chrous

*Till Fade

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