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Jimmy Jazz lyrics

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The police walked in for Jimmy Jazz
I said, "He ain't here but he sure went past"
Oh, you're looking for Jimmy Jazz
Yeah they said, "Sattamassagana for Jimmy Dread"
Cut off his ears and chop off his head
Police come looking for Jimmy Jazz, Jazz, Jazz, Jazz
So if you're gonna take a message 'cross this town
Maybe put it down somewhere over the other side
See it gets to Jimmy Jazz, Jazz

(That's it, sell it now)
The police came in, they said, "Now, where's Jimmy Jazz"
I said, "He was here but hm, he said he went out"
Police came looking for Jimmy Jazz, Jazz, Jazz, Jazz
Sattamassagana for Jimmy Dread
Cut off his ears and he'll chop off his head
Who're you looking for, Jimmy Jazz, Jazz, Jazz, Jazz?
What a relief
I feel like a soldier, look like a thief
It's Jimmy Jazz
Police come looking for the Jimmy Jazz
He came in but he sure went past
Oh there's somebody looking for the Jimmy Jazz, Jazz
In fact, don't you bother me, not anymore
I can't take this tale, oh no more
It's all around, Jimmy Jazz, Jazz
Zed, zed, zee, zee
J-a-zed, zed, zee, zee, zee, J-a-zed zed
J-a-zed zed, J-a-zed Jimmy Jazz
And then it sucks, he said, "Suck that"
So go look all around, you can try your luck brother and see what you found
But I guarantee you that it ain't your day, your day
It ain't your day
Chop, chop

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