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Joy lyrics

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Joy lyrics song presented by Ginuwine :

Sup party people? Huh
How y'all doin?
Me and Magoo gonna chill on the track, haha
Let my man Ginuwine bring it in, like this, uhh

I know I sound bold
(what's your favorite position?)
Not every player's cold, nooo baby
(that's a superstition)
I'd like to take a hold, of you, baby
(ask me for permission)
I won't even tell a soul, ohhh
(once you feign submission)
We'll go on an Isley track, yeahh yeah
(would you like that production)
And I will massage your back, baby girl
(that's called my seduction)
I'm headed down this life, soon
(listen up my instruction)
Baby you need to relax, sit back [sit back]
Cause I wanna bring you joy, joyyyyy baby
(joy.... Joy, joy, joy)
Every day, and every night, joyyy
(Joy, joyyyyyy joy)
Yeahh joyyy, c'mon, I wanna give you joy baby
(joy.... Joy, joy, joy)
Joyy, c'mon, joyyy
(Joy, joyyyyyy joy)

I'll say it's lost when you're fast girl
(you can't have your perfection)
C'mon now girl, baby don't close your eyees ladyyy
(cause you see my reflection)
And even though I knowww your shineee
(make no signs of reflection)
I see that you're willing to tryyyy
(you're headed in my direction)
I wanna bring you joyy, joy joy joy joy joy joy joy
(joy.... Joy, joy, joy)
You hear me baby, I wanna bring you joy, joyyhoyyyjoy
(Joy, joyyyyyy joy)
[Hah, oooohhhh, like that, hella joy, I got plenty joy]
In the morning, joy, joyyyyy, joy
(joy.... Joy, joy, joy)
Joyyy, joy joy, hah
(Joy, joyyyyyy joy)
[Uhh, uhh uhh]

Out of all my candy coated cooters, you my Almond Joy
You can be my boy, my little toy, I'm a Freakazoid
I can't fight the feelin cause the feelin got me fightin fast
Gimme twenty minutes, I'ma be to see that ass
Cause after the last time, we started fightin fire
You be my Queen, fiend-da-deen-deen, I'll be your supplier
This ain't no carbon copy hoe this is the real thang
Young mack, on the attack, girl you can't complain

It's gonna be (it's gonna be)
Beeee (be be be be be be be be so live)
*Repeat 4X*

(singers provide "Joy... JOY, JOY, JOY" chorus to end)
Joy, joy, joy
All about joy to you
Ohh, joy, joy in the morning
In the evening, joy
Late in the midnight hour, joy
Joy, joyyohhhohhyjoy
Ayyayayyyyayy, joy
Oahahhahahahahah, ahahahahahaha, joy
Oh oh oh oh oh oh oh
Joyy, joyyyyy
Joyyyy all the time y'all, joy
Joyy, joyy
Joyyyyy that you can feel
Joyy, joyy
All that we even need is joy y'all
Joyy, joyy
Just a little bit, just a little bit
Of joyy, joyy *fades*

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