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Love You More lyrics

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Love You More lyrics song presented by Ginuwine :

Since you came inside my life
You've givin me the best in you everyday and night
I felt my happiness in you make me wanna ride
To the end of any valley
Then you give me piece of mind
You bring me comfort to my soul give me such a high
No I will never let you know
Make me wanna fly to the top of every rainbow

I love you more everyday
You show me love in everyway
There's nothing else for me to say
But I love you
I love you more in everyway
There's nothing else for me to say
But I love you

So promise you will never leave
You never say this is the end you'll spend your life with me
You'll be my wife and my best friend, raise a family
Something we both can treasure
Ooohhh yeah
In the mean time
I'm gon put in work
You gon be fine
You never have to work
So won't you come and fly with me
Forever you and me
The times we suppose to be
I love you only


I don't stop loving you
And I won't stop kissing you
You're the reason why I smile
And I won't stop holding you
And I won't stop loving you
You're the reason why I smile


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