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Man Made Hell lyrics

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Man Made Hell lyrics song presented by Extreme Noise Terror :

Destruction for our personal gain
Conceited by so called advance
Though our lives are torn apart
For all that's left is dust in air

Sucked dry by parasites for far too long
The time has come to make a stand

I'll never live this way with such desire
Consuming you with no respite
There's nothing left
What will you ever achieve by these means
You would see the truth from the gutter

From this man made hell
We are born to suffer
I now wish you dead
With all I muster
Can you feel the crushing grind
Of this pathetic everyday existence
You will...

Blinded by appaling truths
Thought left to fester
Death scenes cloud my thoughts
My conscience so relentless
Wake up and realise the truth
You hate yourself and what
You have become

Our fate held in the balance of our greed
Left to us, left to us will tumble to decline

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