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Midnight To Stevens lyrics

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I searched through the drinkers
Each propped over his glass
I ran through each bar
Until I found guy at last
Guy you've been to the doctor
No I don't think it wise
Took one of his pills
Boiled the blood in my eyes.

When you played the master mix
To the company man
Took three million worldwide
To make him understand
You don't work for peanuts
But they'll push you too
It's that company trick
We're all jumping through
Bet you ain't had no food now
Since you last went to sleep
The wild seed that was sowed
Will take forever to reap.

What days and nights though
Rocking out of ham yard
Oh skip that fandango
Bring the blues back down hard
Though chuck would never admit it
At the door of the jail
There stood guy stevens
And he was waving the bail.

Guy you've finished the booze
And you run out of speed
But the wild side of life
Is the one that we need.

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