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Organeum lyrics

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Organeum lyrics song presented by Girls In Hawaii :

It's always strange the way I feel
When I'm looking back on things
We've been lucky maybe who knows
Or have we just made some good choices

Just sleeping quietly below trees
Are we close to the end of dreams?
We were blinded by the scene

[Chorus:] [refrain]
I was quiet fine, lost and wasting my time
Asleep just by your side
And I feel lighter
My mind was close to get high so far away

The sun was disappearing fast
I was cold layed on the grass
Awake by night, sad was my mind
My dreams are short when they are fine


Don't go away from me
Don't go away from here
I had not enough

And something is easy
When you looked to the sea
And that's stupid stuff

Don't go away from me
Don't go away from here
I had not enough

I know we're not ready
Our things are not easy
Oh not easy

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