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Rataliate lyrics

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Rataliate lyrics song presented by Skrewdriver :

The petrol bombs are flying, the people lock their doors
We've got to make a choice now, in the middle of a war
The enemy is taking over out on the streets
And we are not united, and so we face defeat
Retaliate, will be our only hope
Retaliate, can we ever cope
Retaliate, face them on the streets
Retaliate, fight against defeat
As a young man lies dying, the mob begins to cheer
Older people tremble, they have never known such fear
The enemy's taking over out on the streets
And we are not unite, and so we face defeat
Mr. Politician, I won't say I told you so
But now the flames are rising, do you want to know?
You're blaming unemployment and the racists on the beat
I don't see white unemployed looting on the street

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