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Salamat Lyrics from Sarbjit

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Song: Salamat
Movie: Sarbjit
Singer(s): Arijit Singh, Tulsi Kumar
Music By: Amaal MallikLyricist(s): Rashmi Virag

Chahu main rahoon jahan main
Chahe tu na rahe
Tere mere pyaar ki umar salamat rahe..

Chahe ye zameen aasmaan
Rahe na rahe
Tere mere pyaar ki umar salamat rahe


Darr hai tuze main kho na doon
Mile joh khuda toh bol doon
Main don jahan ka kya karu
Tu bata...

Tu joh mere pass hai
Muzko na koi pyas hai
Mere muqammal ho gayi har duaa

Chahe mere jism main
Yeh jaan rahe ya na rahe
Tere mere pyaar ki umar salamat rahe

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