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Same Ol' G lyrics

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Same Ol' G lyrics song presented by Ginuwine :

Verse*One The*
only time I drink a 40 is when I wanna drink that 40 And
usually when I wear a suit I leave without wanting too I'm
not trying to hurt nobody You
only live once they told me You
can't be mad at me But
I can just be "G" Chorus

though I got my own cd Maybe
even on tv There
ain't no change in me I
can only be me baby Even
though I might be on tv Cause
I got my own cd All
you will ever see Same
Ol' G Verse

*Two I*
used to be the main one clubbin' But
now I choose to stay at home Most
of my friends still thuggin' But
this time the G's full grown I'm
thinking 'bout my future lately Whatever
that may be But
now it's clear to me I
can just be G Chorus


y'all (huh) This
the Timbaland comin to y'all one more 'gain You
see people, say that we're changing But
I think it's the people that are around us that are changing You
see we, ain't trying to hurt nobody People
trying to hurt us But
you know what I'ma
keep being me That's
all I can do in this lifetime check it Bridge

after day I continue to be me oh me (oh me oh me) That's
all I can be Ohh
Day after day I continue to be me oh me (and he's still that) Same
Ol' G Chorus

fade out

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