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Silicone On Sapphire lyrics

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Silicone On Sapphire lyrics song presented by Clash :

Have you ever asked yourself
Who holds the key that winds up Big Ben?

Right Channel: Silicone on Sapphire
Left Channel: Connection
Are: My prerogative is zero
L: When is your start
L: What is your data
Are: Databus
L: Databus
Are: I'm pushing your breakpoints
L: [Anytime Mike][?]
Are: Know my subroutine
L: Motorola exor(?)sizer
Are: Modem connecting
L: In sync
Are: Buffer
Are: Handshaking
L: Throughput
Are: Mnemonic code
L: I have your sentences right
L: Go ahead
Are: Macro command
L: Yes
Are: This is my micro instruction
L: Improper request
L: Output failed
Are: Request debug
L: Improper request
Are: Request debug
L: System debug freeze
Are: Your memory is volatile
L: Freeze
Are: Log(?), add this is my address bus
L: Log add
Are: Kill
L: Kill
Are: [?]
L: [?]
Are: Rub out
L: You're on system interconnect
L: You are typing into my memory
L: Shift, shift, shift
Are: That's better
Are: Now my decoder
Are: I request your zero variable storage
L: I am a Texas Instrument
Are: Clear, overrun
L: My zero positive
Are: Truth table
L: Connection
Are: Give me your input
L: Vector interrupt
Are: Erase function
L: Vector interrupt
Are: Go to ram, Go to ram
L: Go yourself
Are: Go to ram
L: I [take it back][?]
Are: Your memory is volitile
Are: Your inputs, are deprived
L: Save, save
Are: Erase [bridge][?]
Are: Go to outputs
L: Large scale integration
Are: No source statements
L: Give me, give me flowchart
Are: All [died on call][?] databus
L: Hardware, firmware
L: Inhibit, inhibit, overflow
Are: Yes. Hardwired logic. Machine language
L: Connection deprived by request, request
L: Parallel operation
L: Give me push count stack
L: I must have your address first
L: Take your datalog recharge
L: Hello, hello
Are: System debug freeze
Are: Clear restore and exit
Are: Exit all done

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