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Tormentor lyrics

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Retro active retro active
Walls trapped within yellow eyes the cutters
Drooling face rips apart cuts to the heart
Disease shown let it out movement crosses
Crimson light washes darkened corners
Gently forces open wide and lingering awhile
Pouring thoughts electric fingers blinding pressure
Sockets stream matter grey the nerve free fall
Safely buried out behind a face let it out
Be careful watching living mask misshapen
Tumors ride the pressing depressing nightmare dreams let it out
Mental shock disturbed thoughts rotting
Long lasting reaction make it stop stir up the
Pot taking away means nothing mental shot mental shock
Distorted moodswing smile altered music shadow
Covers melted honey bitter pie she utters
Tasting quite lovely motion on towards a truthful
State mincing with words align order form
To multiply mental shot relentless and leaning
Compiling the list mental shock mince up the attic oh how what was it mental shot disturbed thoughts rotting long lasting now make it stop mental shock distrait thought got to me here I am up to misery mental shot

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