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Try To Survive lyrics

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A new day arises
As the city sleeps
No compromising
No promises to keep

We stand on our own again
The rain falls hard
Revealing the memories
Ten years gone

The life we share
Doesn't mean anything
If we don't try to survive

Visions overloading
Pulling me through time
Back to the moment
When I realized
That your demise
Could have been caused by my hand

Been through just about everything
But we're still here
We still have so much to prove
To ourselves

The life we share
Doesn't mean anything
If we don't try to survive

There is so much left for us to do
Will you join me again?
I know I haven't been reliable in the past
You have had a hard time figuring me out
But I can promise you one thing
This journey's taught me to stand strong
Never again will I
Surrender my fears
Surrender my dreams
Surrender my soul
To the infection

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