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Nhạc Chế Lyrics

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vi toa` kon dag keu an thoi gian la an day thung co gag thuog anh xin em oi co gang doi cho di xong khoa nay anh tro ve tu luon day dung dung la song ko pa kon kug ko co ho hang em oi o nha ko kon dam chem chem dam nhu ngay xua chac anh chua ve dau dong hoa kon dang keu an thoi gian la an 3 nam co gang ......quen bo khuc nay sr nhe cac ban

han dan ba nek toi cafe voi ruou toi can zo fe roi toi choivoi bo dam tha lam 1 chai mini quan ra chit me cho roi song chj nhug ke~ bac tinh khi nguoi yeu di voi dai lon` mak treo cao dung so tinh roi nen

te giua doi om^ trai sau rung mog toi em mang toi me trai nen duog di lat loi ve em mang toi me trai nen nhung nao aj
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