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Back In Love lyrics

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Back In Love lyrics song presented by Vanessa Amorosi :

Verse 1:
I'm falling back in love
With you my darling
I promised more than I gave and swore
That i'd never fall in love with
Someone like you that's
Kind of like me
So i'd like to stay far away for now
And see how things go and find out it
Someone like you could ever need me

Oooh, I think i'm back in love again but
I can never stay, cause we
Drive each other away and I
Think i'm back in love again but
We said our goodbyes
And it's time for us to try to walk alone

Verse 2:
I'm falling back in love with you my darling
I'm sorry for all the things I said
All the pain I caused,
With the things I did to
Someone like you,
That's kind of like me

Repeat chorus (x2)

Alone on a filed with no one there to guide
If this is love, i'm sure you'll find
The answer to your questions
Who knows what it will be
A day at a time to walk and to see

Repeat chorus (x3)

V. Amorosi / M. Yammouni | published by universal music / bishop songs | produced by charles fisher | associate producers: the wizard of oz | all instruments by the wizard of oz except drums by bradley polain | mixed by tim palmer | mix engineer: mark o'donoughue

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