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Drama Setter lyrics

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Drama Setter lyrics song presented by Eminem :

[ Intro ]

Guard: Mr. Yayo, your free to go, so I guess this means I'll see you tomorrow
Eminem: Guess who's home? Tony Yayo, Obie Trice, C'mon!

[ Chorus ] [ Eminem ]

I'm a Drama Setter, gripping my baretta sipping Armaretta
Man you crazy if you think Ima let up
I told you I'm a Drama Setter
I'll be the first to set it homie, you can bet it just don't get in the way of my chedda
Man cause I'm a Drama Setter
I don't go looking for no trouble but somehow the trouble always finds me
Don't make me have you in the trauma center
With you momma crying cause her only son is dying
She just don't know it's just your karma catching upcause I'm a Drama Setter

[ Verse 1 ] [ Tony Yayo ]

I'll poke you man I'm Riker's Island Pokemon
I got C. O. 's bringin me Filet Mingon
But now a nigga home looking frail in a drop
With a bitch shotgun that's inhaling the c***
I got rocks on my neck the size of bottle tops
And got glocks in the lex when we ride behind cops. Pb
On broke days we used to put water in our cereal
Now we crossing borders just to shoot another video
It's Tony Montano, full body armor
Soning niggas like Alfredo in Godfather
Two shot revolver, that Dillinger shit
In the A-are 15, Bentley or Six
We taking trips to Morocco just to tan
We smoke weed in restaurants in Amsterdam
I was worth a hundred grams, now I'm worth a cool million
I'll put money on your hairline, your dime and your children

[ Chorus ] [ Eminem ]

[ Verse 2 ] [ Obie Trice ]

Since Yayo is home, them A-R's is drawn
Obie's Guerrila Unit, fuck affilia-tion
We are oneit is sensless, for you to prevent this
The 40, cal'll put you up under some photosynthesis
At any given instantanother incident
You just got a glimpse of Obie and Yay's temperment
And we holding them K's that's why homie won't age
Isn't it that Tony's enraged they throw him in cages
But now my nigga's loose Our crews is bulletproof
All brought to you from whom's pupils, baby blues
His short fuses, put your portrait on the news
Nigga them screws is loose when you fucking with them shady dudes

[ Chorus ] [ Eminem ]

[ Verse 3 ] [ Tony Yayo ]

Got fat while I was gone, but now I'm here
And yall rappers only bust shots only in fear
Chinchillas on my back, itchy fingers on the mac
Get scrilla off of crack, get fifty's shooter back
Listen homie, don't let them niggas amp you money
Cause I got niggas in Queens that kill for pamper money
Move like Kaiser, Jayson Williams slaughter the driver
My daughter Maniyah, know that the kid spit fire
Reality rap, nigga check my salary cap
I give guns to my soldiers with a battery pack
What you know about light planes and heavy coke
And them drugs being smuggled on them fast speed boats
It's the rap tycoon, Tony you all know me
See me on mtv I'm a parole
I was out for 12 hours and went right back in
For three hots and 1 cot doin time in the pen

[ Chorus ] [ Eminem ]

[ Outro ] [ Eminem and Yayo ]

Y: Yeah nigga thank you Marshall
E: No problem
Y: We don't stop, save the best for the last, Talk of New York - Thoughts of a Predicate Felon. Blue Hefner, Lloyd Banks, Buck Marley, Young Buck, Curtis "Interscope" Jackson
E: "Shady Aftermath" Mathers
Y: Olivia
E: O. Trice, Stat Quo
Y: We gonna keep getting this money, Y'all rappers gonna keep hating
E and Y: fuck Yall
Y: Y'all want problems, I'm built for this shit
Shady Aftermath, G-Unit, We run this rap shit

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