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Invasion lyrics

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Invasion lyrics song presented by Eminem :

Let's get down to business
I don't got no time to play around what is this... What is this...
The Invasion! Yeah yeah Green Lantern! The infiltration! We're comin'!

I got 50 Cent, I got G-unit, D-twizzy in this bitch, wit' obie trice
So watch what you say, 'fore you call our name, cuz you say one more thing, it won't be nice

Here we go,
I shoulda known
I was bound to get pulled
Into some bullshit
Sooner or later
You litte haters
Are too jealous of us to love us
You hate it,
G-unit made it,
Then Obie's coming,
D-twizzy's comin, ya sick to
Ya stomach
50 percent of it's 50 Cent,
The other 50 percent of it's whose color of skin it is
But if you even considerin' takin' our label down,
You better find our building
And fly a fuckin plane into it
But I ain't tryin to get to intricate into it,
I'm just tryin to give you a little hint for your own benefit
Cuz then it's gonna get to the point
Where it escalates into some other shit,
Then I'm a flip
Then I'm a get to
Stompin' in my Air Force once,
Won't be able to tell if it's two purrs or it's one
Cuz it's gone feel like so many feet kickin you,
You think Nike just made these cleats into shoes
I don't know what it is or what it could be,
But I get a woody,
When these pussies try to push me
Thinkin they gone put me in a position to pickle me
Yall tickle me pink,
I think I'd just rather have pink tickle me
Hickory dickory dock tickety tock tickety,
A little bit of the diggety doc
Diggety mixed with a little bit of the jigga j-jigga
What a small pinch,
Biggy look at me,
I'm just a bomb diggety

We the realest lable, we'll try to act like you don't feel our label
Cuz we gone fuck around and kill your lable! Obie, D-twizzy, G-unit, 50, Shady
Records we the label for sho!
We the realest label, we'll try to act like you don't feel our label
Cuz we gone fuck around and steal your paper! Obie, D-twizzy, G-unit, 50, we're
Gone kill your fuckin label for sho!

Shady in the place to bc, cuz I got what it takes to rock tha mic right!
Still watch what you say to me ho cause I'm off probation in less than 6 months!

Ha ha, whooo, Shady records, still Aftermath, and don't think we don't hear you
Muthafuckas talkin, cuz we do, we see y'all, but we just gone sit back for a minute
And see what the fuck y'all do!

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