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Just Rhymin Wit Proof lyrics

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Just Rhymin Wit Proof lyrics song presented by Eminem :

Are we supposed to shut up or talk... I'll cut your butt up and walk...
Around with my ass showing all over the fuckin town

.... Then You get done up in chalk

We ready... We ready.. We ready.. We ready?
Ready to hold it steady.... Speakin of hold it steady....
You can hold my nuts steady and then....
I can stick my dick in you like a machette... If you're a girl...
If you're a girl then you're my world... And I will kill anybody...
That means... You, her or him
It doesnt't't matter cuz I'm Eminem
And I'm Slim... I'm also slim and your future's Whim

Ha ha.... Don't stop
D-12 y'all... Yea we bust it off the top
We get in that ass Preparation-H style
Knock more boots than that group H-Town (Booo!)
Everybody tryina tell us to wait now
You look dumb as fuck... Like Puffy in his video on that breakdown (hahaha)
Tryin to dance around
How the fuck it feel lock in hand set now
Sever your style.. Divide and Parish
Part ish... When my cart is bustin thru this...
Wassup to Bizzare Kid
Targets get hit and liftoff
Here it is we bout to rip off
Lick shots... No time... We gettin dick snot

Speakin of lift off....
I'm blastin off... Your ass is soft... So I'm startin to jack off
Cuz I'm so horny... And your lyrics are so corny
That they bore me and I woke up too late this morning
Or too early... Wait a minute there goes Shirley...
The girly I fucked last year when her hair was curly
Couldn't remember it cuz I was Infinite
And I met ken Kaniff in Connecticut
He said his predicits and pronouns and wanted to throw down
And he said тАЬI like youтАЭ... And then he walked up and said тАЬ let me snake bite
And I said hell no... Kicked him with my shell toe...
Gave him a elbow... Ayo Proof... Go....

Yo it's the D to the 1 - 2
What you wanna get done to...
Your chest plate... Eradicate
Get your flesh ate... Easily done.. Here it is...
Freestyle... No need to write shit... Cuz when we write shit
Y'all like to bite shit... That why street light up when we write stuff
It's time to be the champions at this... It's D-12
1-2 True crew... Slim Shady and Big proof
Knockin over Igloos in Alaska when we blast ya
A massacre creator, one time for data
Darker than Vader... Go anybody hot as the equator
It's time to get down one time for those that don't know us
Girls wanna blow us like Monica.... Lewinsky
Come against me...

Go and see I'm an invincible Mc
If you don't believe it then you wanna try to convince me
That you're doper than me... Which we'll hope
You would hope to be.... But hopefully I will rock globaly
And nationwide... That's why my ass is wide
That's why your ass just died on the passanger side...
Like a fuckin ride... When it got shot up by a drive by
When I drove by 5 times and gave it five tries
And still missed it
I got a fuckin mental illness a gentle stillness...
Violence... Complete silence is what I need in the room while I freestyle
What I need is to do... What is need is smoke weed and brew
And...... Smoke brew? You don't smoke brew...
If you do I'll choke you and then I garauntee I'll out smoke you
You're crew's a joke too and I can stick my dick in a bitch and poke you....

Stick it in there.... Rock with my c*** on sky rock
Knock ya eye out the sock...(sock)
Get..(get) yeah we come to rock....(it)
So don't get in the way cuz we gon drop....(shit)
Now how you feel right now we bust yo.. Op....(tic)....(tock)
We lunatics with mics and we don't stop we come to rock
The dirty dozen is non-stop..
To the top from tree tops to ewoks that pop Reeboks
And men with pre-ops
Yo now there is 3-Pac's
Master P.... Thug Life and now it's 2pac
Get back to that one... Here goes the rhyme that you dropped...

The rhyme that I dropped is stickin up ihop
In high tops and walking around like a one eyed Cyclops
And you can't see me.... I only got one eye and I can still see you
You can even give it a dumb try... If you're a dumb guy then come try this
But I rock the microphone with my flyness
So get off my jock.. Get of my c***.. When I sky rock... It in sky
Rock.. Shit... Bitch

Ayo... A lot of people always try to tell us... That we gona be better or
But me or slim yo you can't tell me...
You try to freestyle son we gon put these verses on your Lp
Slow down with that old stuff.... I heard the most of y'all is Mos Def

My Lp... My whole Lp... Tha last one was screaming help me
You couldn't melt me if you was Vanilla Ice... Yo guess what....
My Nuuuuuuuuutz
Here I go with the lyrical miracle... Spiritual spirital... You don't wanna hear
It tho
I rickety rock the micrphone
Don't do it don't do it cuz that shit is stupid... I knew it
I take a beat and loop it... I take a beat and troop it
What the fuck did that mean... I don't know but I got phat jeans on
And I already said that but I don't know where my head's at
All I wanna do is go back to the hotel and know where my bed's at

Yo wheres the beds at so we can relax and catch Ease
Y'all don't want none of tha dirty Deez
>From the 3-1 it's for the three of thirds
One third Mc yo we smoke y'all like herbs
Under the curb early morn take it to born
Y'all get broke up... Put back together... Re-enacment
Some times you see this... You just a faggot
No need to tag it... Wit more loot that Jimmy Swagart

Faggot.... Uh oh... Was that homophobic...
But no one knows it... And I'm so homophobic
I wont even throw clothes in the Closet
Fuck it... I've lost it.... I'm holocausted... See my face it's written all
Acrossed it
This beer makes me wanna disappear this year
I'm so high I'm bout to die... And I'm so tired I'm bout to fry
You're so fired you're down

Hey.... It's me... It's the hamster man...
Coming all the way from Amsterdam....
And I come to tell you all a little secret.....
So you can........ Eat it.... You got to grab your crackers

Quit spittin your writ shit bitch I'll kill you and kick you
In your motherfuckin dick and your c***... You little pussy
Hermaphardite with no apettite
And you aint rappin right but you was taking rapid bites
Of my dick when you was on it... My brain is haunted
I walk up in a place in a t shirt wit my stains on it
But I don't give a damn... Give a fuck... Give a shit... Give a hell
Give a piss give a dick give a lick

Yea.... Live and direct it's us
You better back up...

You better back up before I jack off
Back off before I jack off

You better back off before he jack off (laughing)
You better back off before I jack off

Colder than Jack Frost... Smack you across your face
While I'm still jackin off
Sittin in the closet beatin my shit
Aint got nuttin else to do cuz I'm thinkin of a bitch
Wait a minute... Oh shit she's here...
Look who walked in the door.... Come in it's Britney Spears
(Ken Kaniff)
Oh.... Come here little girl
Come here little girl

What happened? (I dunno)
We stopped rappin (Oh it's Clappin)
Gun clappin... And all I need is one napkin to wipe the c** off
When I come off with the drum off
Whatever the hell that meant... But I can still speak wit a accent
A french accent Excuse my french but
Suck my dick touche le le poo... Uhh.... Bitch

Bonjuor... I'm here with the cure... Oh yea lets rock it for the drawer
Hey Em... How you doin this is me... The Em jock... Get off my...
Damn c***..... Laughing....

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