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Ken Kaniff lyrics

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Ken Kaniff lyrics song presented by Eminem :

Call this mother fucker
(dial tone)
Ohh fuck yeah
Give em a piece of my mind....
A piece of my ass
(Thanks for waiting,
This is -----
May I help you?)
Ohh thank you
I need to make a collect call
(What number?)
The numbers _62-____
(At the tone, please say your name.)
Kennith Kaniff.... From Connecticut.
Automated piece of shit
Ring, ring
Hey there cockboy.
Who's this?
This is Ken Kannif
Ken Kannif from Connecticut, ya little bitch.
From Connecticut?
Yean you wanna get a...
I don't know nobody in Connecticut.
You wanna get a hotel room with me?
A hotel room?
Yeah, you want me to lick your ass, eminem!?
Ha.. Yo, wh, who is this? Cage?
Hey, pa ha..
You want me ta fuckin melt in your mouth and not in your hand? Melt in
Your ass, ya little cockboy.
He k k k k, yo shut up you little bitch.
Oh you think I'm lyin huh?
Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

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