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Meteor Rain (English) lyrics

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Vic zhou
The loving starry sky
Should make you feel touched
I'm here by your side
Decorating a piece of heaven for you

Jerry Yan
I wouldn't allow you to feel sad
I'll chase away your loneliness
The weight of your unfulfilled dreams
Let me bear them all

Vanness Wu
Leading you by the hand
Doesn't matter how strong the wind becomes
For you have me now
You'll never lose your way again.

Watching the Meteor Rain fall unto Earth with you.
Letting your tears fall on my shoulder.
Iwant you to beleive my love will brave everything solely for you.
And I'll show you where happiness lies.

Jerry Yan
If you have too much sadness, leave your heart for me to protect.
The tired fireworks, I'll chase them away for you.

Vic Zhou
Flowery words is only decorative.
If I am silent that's because I love you too much.

Ken Chu
Leading you by the hand.
Doesn't matter how strong the wind becomes for you, have me now.

The rain has stopped, the clouds have parted.
Leaving behind a lovely warmth.
I want to share the tears in your eyes.

Chorus 2x

Vanness Wu
And I'll show you where happiness lies.

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