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Missing Persons lyrics

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Missing Persons lyrics song presented by Ferlin Husky :

Oh I went down to missing persons told Captain bout you
I told him just what you look like and asked him if anybody help me find you
I told him bout the time you've cheated and how your conscience bothered you
You saw me cryin' and played in sorrow didn't know I've forgiven you
Well all of the people stand then round me seem so blue
The Captain he told me that they were looking for a missing person too
Before he handled my shoulder and said we'll see what we can do
For in the world of missing persons I know your baby is sad as you
[ guitar ]
I cried oh Captain if you can't find her I don't know what I'll do
He looked at me and said we'll try sir to bring your baby back to you
And now I am walking all my shoes out searching each tree an avenue
And until I find you baby I'll be a missing person too
And until I find you baby I'll be a missing person too

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