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Murder lyrics

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Murder lyrics song presented by Eminem :

Intro (Bizarre):
Detroit, Motown
Hey, guess what
They gave us a super bowl this year an you know what happened

Robbin, shootin', killin',
Murder (Murder, murdeeeerrrr)
Robbin, shootin', killin',
Murder (Murder, murdeeeerrrr)

Verse 1 (Bizarre):
Hennyed up, remmyed up, ski mask, black truck
Dickie outfit, passenger side (Mr Grip Pump),
Fuck it I just did 2 lines
A chrome tech nine,
It'll tear out niggas spine
It's a party, go on in an have fun,
Cause after it's over all you goin' hear is
Shootin', blassin',
Hittin' the floor, $10, 000 in the safe,
Shit I'm about to score
Cause I'm dangerous off angel dust,
Shyt I'll bust, even the bitch that came wit us
An this is for my niggass that be robbin' an stealin', carjackin, murder one's
An fucken drug dealin's


Robbin, shootin', killin'
Murder (Murder, murdeeeerrrr)
Robbin, shootin', killin'
Murder (Murder, murdeeeerrrr)

Verse 2 (Kuniva):
I stumble in the club blowed,
9mm cocked, somethins' tellin' me to stop,
Fuck it, I aint see the cops
*****'s don't believe it
'till they see it's out,
Stupid motherfuckers wanna take a scenic route
Now the heaters out,
Bitches scream like I pulled my penis out
Beggin' me to put that big motherfucker away,
But the demons out
Everybody on the floor,
Come out of that mink,
Come out of them diamonds
And you come out of that valuer
Party is over, shut the fuck down,
Cut the music, matter of fact turn it back it up,
Shit I can use it
I need the noise,
In case I have to let a couple off,
Saw another icy chain,
Walked over an tugged it off
Gimme that buttersoft,
They say she buyin' out the bar,
You can buy my drinks for today an tomorrow
I'm out for the paper,
My homie better hide them jewels,
I'm in the game starvin' an I playin' by the rules

Robbin, shootin', killin'
Murder (Murder, murdeeeerrrr)
Robbin, shootin', killin'
Murder (Murder, murdeeeerrrr)

Outro (Eminem & 50 Cent):

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