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Rap City Freestyle lyrics

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Rap City Freestyle lyrics song presented by Eminem :

Shady Records ain't nobody better than us
Shady Records no cheddar than us
Shady Records ain't nobody better than us
Shady Records
I done figured this rap shit out
I map shit out strategically
Timing is everything and that seems to be the key
To my success it's worked for me repeatedly
Let them diss you first and respond immediately
In order to master the art of war
Don't start a war
Shit not no more
We done scared them off there are no more
Victims to sic
I'm fixing the pics
I'm a start shit
I'm out of pictures to rip
And shit to throw darts at
Ain't got no more targets
Shit Irv and Jeff
We done beat em to death
Benzino in debt
There seems to just be no one left
To bully
Bush is pussy
Why the fuck you think his name's bush
Puss is bushy
Ain't shit going on
Shit I been getting so bored lately
I'm thinking of doing some shit
To get you to go and hate me again
Tell the truth
I liked the shit better then
Shit I could spit better
I'm about to kick this sick shit again look
The game just isn't the same it's changing
Shit Dre's quitting
Jay's quitting
Now it's just wanksta
They're saying the same shit
It's ancient it's fake
It's making me so bored I'ma just make a new language
Fubba you cuppa cubba
Uppa you Uppa Oobba
Youbba can Susubba my dadadabbadick through a tuba
Some other rumour lama
I'm not a human I'ma
Supersonic new robotic suicidal Unabomber
You think I'm the new osama
Press thinks I'm a new madonna
Jeffry Dahmer left me with his legacy to carry on a
Lot talk and rumours on us
Who's the hottest
To be honest
Hip hop ain't been the same since Tupac moved to cuba on us
Hey yo
Shady Records they ain't better than us
Shady Records they ain't getting more cheddar than us
Shady Records they ain't better than us
Shady Records motherfuckers more cheddar than us

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