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SO HOT lyrics

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Wae jakku chyeodaboni wae
Naega geureohge yeppeuni
Amuri geureohdago geureohge chyeodabomyeon
Naega jom ssukseureopjanhni
(Why you wanna do that?)

Naega jinagal ttaemada
Gogae dollineun namjadeul
Dwieseo neukkyeojineun tteugeoun siseondeul
Eotteohge hamyeon joheulji

I′m so hot
[Jennie] nan neomu yeppeoyo
I′m so fine
[Rosé] nan neomu maelyeok isseo
I′m so cool
[Jisoo] nan neomu meotjyeo
[Lisa] I’m so so so hot hot

A little bit of black, with a little bit of pink
But ain't none little about this
Been living it big, uh
Your crib could fit in my crib
Pretty as shhhhhh
Don't gotta say it no more
Look at my face and they know
They've seen it before, oh
Made it to vogue
[Jennie] Put the pop, back in pop, at the top
What we rock, they all rock, had to stop
[Lisa] Have to shop, Keep the swagger on five mil
[Jennie & Lisa] We the only gang to run the game in high-heels

Joyonghi salgo sipeunde
Dareun yeojaaedeulcheoreom
Eommaneun wae nal ireohge nahanwaseo
Nae salmeul pigonhage haneunji

I'm so hot
[Rosé] Nan neomu yeppeoyo
I'm so fine
[Jisoo] Nan neomu maelyeok isseo
I'm so cool
[Lisa] Nan neomu meotjyeo
[All] I'm so so so hot hot

I'm so hot
[Jisoo] Nan neomu yeppeoyo
I'm so fine
[Jennie] Nan neomu maelyeok isseo
I'm so cool
[Rosé] Nan neomu meotjyeo
[Lisa] I'm so so so hot hot

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