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Soldier Like Me lyrics

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Soldier Like Me lyrics song presented by Eminem :

(feat. 2 Pac)

So what I'm gonna do, hopefully, is, I wanna be..
I-I don't wanna be I +am+, Tupac Shakur

{*vocal scratch: "guess who's back" - 4X*}

[2Pac - repeat 4X]
Everywhere I see, a soldier, a soldier
Everywhere I see, a soldier like me

Posse deep as I roll through the streets
Motherfuck the police as we creep in our Jeeps
Layin so low you'd think I'm asleep
But at the slightest beef I'm robbin niggaz of they teeth
And opd can get the dick if they play toughy
Last time them niggaz rushed me I ain't bust but now I'm touched
Trust me, ain't nuttin jumpin but these buckshots
A nigga's got enough knocks, I'm poppin at corrupt cops {*pow*}
Them motherfuckers catch a hot one
You wanted to start a problem now you coward cops have got one
And there's no prison that can hold ya
Motherfuck a soldier ready to roll or take control
So now I jack 'em while they sleepin
Roll to the door, throw a grenade in the precinct {*pin, explosion*}
Some people panic, brothers bugged out
I had to keep poppin cause there's no stoppin 'til they rubbed out
And they vest don't protect from the head wounds
Reload ammunitions and them bitches will be dead soon {*boom*}
Smoke risin from the barrel of my shotty
I finally got revenge now count the bodies
Twenty cops, one for every year in jail
Tryin to keep a nigga down but you failed
Before I let you take me, I told ya
Fuck bein trapped, I'm a soldier

[Chorus: Eminem]
I betcha that's how I got some things you ain't got
That's called courage, and it don't come
From no flick or bottle, it ain't scotch
It's not bourbon, I don't walk around
Like no G cause that ain't me
I'm not that person, I don't try
To act like you do cause that ain't you
You just burpin, you ain't

2Pac in the mad bitch
In the six-fo' rag on them thangs, that's a bad bitch
Gettin ghost on them bitches in the town
Bustin out the back seat nigga when we clown
Homey is you down? D got the strap and she anxious {*click*}
Hurry up 'fore she spank shit {*tires peeling*}
Comin 'round the corner spittin rounds, they can't hold me down
Caught them sucker-ass bitches outta bounds
Now tell me how that sound, a double date laced with hate
Make 'em pray for the judgment day
Now tell me how that sound, a double date laced with hate
Make 'em pray for the judgment day - stinkin beotch!


[2Pac] 2Pac

[2Pac - repeat 4X]
Everywhere I see, a soldier, a soldier
Everywhere I see, a soldier like me

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