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Yao Ding Ni lyrics

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Wo shi sao dong
Wo shi ai qing de bao feng
Ai zhu gong Bu xi guan bei dong
*Zai ni xin zhong
Wo shi xiong yong de bao feng
Zhan ju ni juan ru wo xin zhong
Wo de wei dao cai pei de shang ni de hao
Zen neng ren shou bie ren gei ni
Bu ji ge de ai
**Yao ding ni Ai ding ni
***Bu yao he xing fu du qi
Wo jue ding Ai dao di
Bu yong huai yi wo de jue xin
Yao ding ni Ai ding ni
Jiu suan shi jie dou wei di
Wo ba qi zhi shi wo xin tai ji
Yin wei wo yao ding ni
Repeat *
Nan dao ni hui bu xiang bei wo
Hao hao de yong bao
Repeat ***
Repeat **, ***

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