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Balenciagas lyrics

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Balenciagas lyrics song presented by Tory Lanez :

See the difference between me and you niggas
Is you niggas play too much
Me, I'm really gettin' to the money
It's a whole different ball game
I walk into the store and say, you know

2k on my Balenciagas
I told lil mama I'm a shotta
2k but that's just for my riders
These bitches love me like Big Papa
2k on my Balenciagas

[Verse 1]
All these bitches love a nigga 'cause I'm out the T.O
Creole misses eatin' greo, bitches love my steelo
Heard your bitch was talkin', said I ain't no Al Pacino
Look her dead up in the face like what the fuck does she know?
I told Kels we out for clubbin', dreamin', touchin', sinos
Fuck these bitches, love to quote us on our money lingo
Walk inside the spot for nothin' under cinco
I walk inside the spot and hear the fuckin' bingo
Hopped up off the tour and popped up out the foreign
Y'all say you ballin' but who really out here scorin'?
When you was talkin' reckless, I was out there tourin'
And my brother Sosa, how did you know we about to go in?
But I be with it when the drama there
Niggas pull up on me playin' Gotti, gotta pocket rocket when I pop in there
Pop a op and cop a 100 niggas that be son’n niggas like they pop in there
A lot of niggas say they gettin' gwop but they be in the trap but really not in there
Y’all wouldn't never be caught in there
Shawty, gonna do it for Fargo, fuck it I wasted a line
I walk through the bank, never wait in a line
All you niggas, I'm rich, yeah I made up my mind
And I'm ballin', we from the islands but my whip is foreign
Closet worth half a million and that’s just in Jordans

I don’t really like talkin'
It's like what you wanna do
You see these Balmain jeans, Balenciaga sneakers, rare J’s
It’s like, what you want me to do? I’m sorry

2k on my Balenciagas
I told lil mama I'm a shotta
2k but that's just for my riders
These bitches love me like Big Papa
2k on my Balenciagas

[Verse 2]
Skinny black nigga with the icey watch
Walk inside my closet, see a Nike shop
I used to stack my hundreds in that Nike box
Now I only use that money to let wifey shop
I told you niggas
Don’t ask for nothin', I don’t know you niggas
You doubted, so I had to show you niggas
Word to lil Haiti, I might zoe you niggas
Don’t run up on me like you straight up, nigga
I'm a A1 nigga
Hit his celly, tellin' on you, that’s your day one nigga
I just move like the mob, keep a tool like a job
I been sinnin' but I’m only tryna do right for God
But I know he can see I'm with a 100 niggas, all us down to get this money in it
What to do when you need money in these streets and niggas dyin' tryina fuck and get it?
Different bitches fuckin' with you sayin' that you trippin' but they fuckin' niggas in it
Gotta get your money 'cause them honeys and them women suckin', fuckin' niggas with it
Ha, don’t play no games don’t say no names
Ha, get brain all day, get paid all day
Yeah, you love my style you hate my fame
Don’t hate the player hate the game, call me Fargo, wassup?

You know what I'm sayin' like
Wee wee, Bounjour, au revoir and all that French stuff
Foreign language
You see me, call me Fargo

2k on my Balenciagas
I told lil mama I'm a shotta
2k but that's just for my riders
These bitches love me like Big Papa
2k on my Balenciagas
2k on my Balenciagas
2k on my Balenciagas

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