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Beautiful Place lyrics

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Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, look

[Verse 1]
Damn, won't you get her her paradise
Somethin' more than a store with a pair of Nikes
That we probably can't afford 'cause the wearin' price
So instead, we just window shop
At night time, gotta keep her windows locked
'Cause niggas outside with they things on cock
And money so low though, through they been throwin' rock
I heard he savin' up for that Benz old drop
But if cops knock 'em down and his ears gon' flop
So the ink from his pen gon' drop
'Cause when we do the crime, everythin's blown out
I help the portion, women havin' abortions
And we as black males should not be black male
We can make planes instead of them crack sales
Think about it, you ruinin' someone's life
And if they come back, you doin' it to 'em twice

Let's all to sleep
Just a dream a day
Way them clouds ain't grey
And you're miles away
So just let your head
Think away the pain
From your cloudy day
Because now you stay in a beautiful place

[Verse 2]
Damn, won't you give a man good livin'
Good cookin' that ain't comin' outta hood kitchen
Build a better community that we could live in
Give us better predicaments that we shoulda been in
I mean not all of us bad, some got a good vision
And our role models gettin' shot up in the hood slippin'
The fall out's appall seen
How do we graduate if drop outs all we see?
And when we sleep, the only time that we offer peace
Wish I could wake up and all my pain's all a dream
All as God's human beings, come all a team
Where everybody on the bus on the car to be
We need difference in the world, predominantly
Need change, more than an Obama speech
We need to listen like the times when our mama speaks
So we can finally expand like we oughta be, uh

Let's all to sleep
Just a dream a day
Way them clouds ain't grey
And you're miles away
So just let your head
Think away the pain
From your cloudy day
Because now you stay in a beautiful place

How could we see clearly if the circumstances we've been born into are not as golden or bright as others? How does someone do so right if only seein' so wrong? How does a community change for the better to change another community? The answer is one word, self. You see you must first change yourself as a person before you can change someone else or correct anyone on their own problems. Only he without sin has the right to judge someone with sins in their wrong heart. Some people are good hearted, some people are bad hearted. Good and bad people both have their differences but one thing they have in common is sleep. You see no matter how long you stay awake, you will always need to sleep. And in that sleep, you exist in another world, another realm. You will wake up in the morning only to have to go to sleep that same night. And then you exist again in the dream world. Keep the dream alive. Mr. Peterson

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