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Better Days lyrics

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What's the use in hoping
When you always get let down
What's the use in smiling
When all you wanna do is frown
I'm drowning, in a sea of hate-filled eyes
And she's screaming
But no one hears her cries
Is anybody hear to see a band
Did anybody come to hear a song
Does anyone believe in magic
Is anybody here to sing along
People shove me down they're coming from all sides
And as i look around
Something just don't seem right
I i feel so all alone
Though the people inundate
I i see no joy or desperation
Only senseless hate

Is this the same scene
That i used to think i loved
Or was i just na¯ve
And were they always out for blood
I've seen better days,
But i know that we can make a change
I've seen better days but we can change!

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