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Blazin On A Sunny Afternoon lyrics

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Oh well is it heavy stuff man? Will it blow me away? Daw-gone man I'll tell you that much. I've been smoking since I was born man I can smoke anything

[Verse 1: G-Eazy]
Yeah, I woke up around 12
Looked to my right found a bag on the shelf
I twist one up burn a zag to myself
And i don't give a fuck if it's bad for my health
I'm mad stressed out
Cause last week see my girl just left out
I went to roll another j and I'm fresh out
And see I'm bummed i ain't even get none last night when i went out
Damn, and now the room's all hazy
Eyes start to look Asian when I'm blazey
Think I'm about to lay around today and be lazy
Maybe might call a squeeze over to amaze me
Yeah, as you can see i've got some issues
I've got my medical card it's gettin' misuse
So I'm stop it if it's bammer? I'm off it
I'm cheech with a fatty full of maui wowie dog shit
[You mean we're smokin' dog shit, man?]

[Verse 2: MOD SUN]
G-Eazy, Mod Sun!
Now I ain't gonna do that regular stoner rap type shit where I like
Take a hit to the mic right before my verse but..
I'm hippie hop, 70's mentality type shit
Came from a family, hipp-ays
My parents both smoked J's in '70s
Shit, even when my mom was pregnant she still blazed
So i've been high before I even lived one day(zed)
But I ain't confused
Could chop it any way, whatever paraphernalia you choose
Ain't nothin' bar on top night for solar puffin vapor
Space cake whatever [it takes to get us copper?]
And we do that!
Yeah we blazed it and strained a lot of eyes? for tastin?
Sour d without the Brooklyn based me
[?] straight from the guy that raised it
Don't say shit
Faded but not so vibrant
Never been to high to keep climbin'
Got a fresh crop but a harvest moon
Wake and bake with me I guarantee every day just like a sunny afternoon

[Outro: MOD SUN]
G, hit me up
Said he was on some 1967 type shit
See that's where I am
Mod Sun
Hippie hop
M.O.D. and some air

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