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CALLDROPS lyrics song presented by A$AP Rocky :

(feat. Kodak Black)

[Intro: A$AP Rocky]
Money and the power, money and the power

[Chorus: A$AP Rocky]
(Fuckin' with the killas)
(Fuckin' with the killas)
Eye drops
I was thinking to my self, maybe I should seek some help
Maybe I should blame myself
My mistake in stealth is going away
Is going away, is going away

Eye drops, teardrops
Droptops, icebox

This is a prepaid collect call
From an inmate at Florida Correctional Institution
This call is subject to recording and monitoring

[Verse: Kodak Black]
All the pain I went through
Turned to a singer
I put it all on my tattoos
'Cause of where I came from
If I ain't ever learned before
(This call is subject to recording monitoring)
Sleeping in institutions, I lost my baby
If man ain't never move again, then it's gone wave me
But I'm keeping a light up on my fire, then they took my baby
I man on kind, is doing his time, but it's for no reason
I mean the kind, that ride the pipe, something you free
(This call has dropped, to add more credits, please press 1)
(Free Kodak)

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