Wednesday, November 21, 2018

Came 4 Me lyrics

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Came 4 Me lyrics song presented by Tory Lanez :

(We, we, we, we)
Can I take you down, oh, baby?
(Make, make, love all night?)
I was made for you on top
Spendin' every minute on this corner
(Really make love)
Now I'm on

[Verse 1]
You can let your guard down, you came for me
(Ooh., really make love)
I just wanna know when I’ve top down low
Sippin' on this drank, girl, it's all done
Ridin' down on Collins Ave., light on that bullshit
Whippin' on that full grain, grippin' on that full clip
All I wanna do is put you in a new Benz
You been in a mood, girl, I been in it too
And you say that the neighbors know my business
Well tonight, they'll know my name, girl
Hoppin' out the foreign, in your city for today

Don't say no, oh
I'm tryna go, oh
Need somethin' real from the top that I still haven't got
And I still can't get from these hoes
It's yours every time
'Cause you're on my mind
Normally, I don't catch feelings for no one
But you got me this time

Can I take you down, oh baby?
I was made for you on top
Spendin' every minute on this corner
Now I'm on

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