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Carolina High lyrics

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Yeah, Carolina High, shit blows
Carolina High, shit blows

[Verse ]
Somebody told me the women I used to fuck with tried they luck with all my past niggas
I figured they no Cinderellas with no glass slippers
They only fall for big money ballers and cash getters
Just like the women I used to love in my past letters
We claimin' fuck 'em but them niggas love 'em
That's why when winter come around, you find them niggas cuffin'
That's why when women come around, you find them niggas bluffin'
That fly nigga come around, you find your chick is nothin'
'Cause see, women attracted to them niggas with status
And we niggas attracted to these bitches with ass and tits
Chanel bags with some fashion tips
To keep 'em sexy round they ass and hips
Shit, I heard Aneesa got a baby now
I heard Alisha got a lady now
I heard them streets done got crazy wild
I heard my nigga black car caught a motherfuckin' crack charge
And he in the pen servin' 80 now
Wow, shit got real after high school
Remember Kelly was so friendly back in night school
'Til she moved with this nigga named Ty
Got her high, now that bitch is movin' colder than an ice cube
I know minimum wage will kill ya
And trust me, I ain't got to work minimum wage to fell ya
'Cause when he out the cellar, for wish without he sellin'
Is court cases is spillin', he tryna pay for appealin'
And still, they label him villian and still that cable need electricity
Bills up to the ceilin', he can surely make a deal if fuck
If you don't feel him, I don't know about you
Emergin' all you bad girls, take that whore 'bout ya
They love when niggas low 'cause he ain't thinkin' all about ya
And don't be strippin' 'cause a nigga need some dough up out ya
That shit is crazy and it always made me wonder why
You made 200 dollars, give that man 105
I see your face could see your place, you need to come and find
Baby, you are a human, you ain't no wonder line
And way too smart to be undermined for a fuckin' dime
And for some sense up in your brain, I think it's fuckin' time
See these Carolina blues is what marijuana do
Lot of women gotta lie to niggas that they lyin' to
And because of this, it make it harder to define true
And because of this, it make it harder to define you
And I'm always talkin' 'bout some women that I should have got
And always talkin' 'bout some pussy that I should have popped
And always talkin' 'bout some pussy that I should have shot
And when I see that lil motherfucker, nigga watch
In all reality, I'm probably gon' see him on a day that I don't want it
Fuckin' leave him but really this shit is crazy
And maybe, I might just leak him
But whatever I choose to do and you just better believe him, nigga, Carolina high

If you don't feel me, I don't know
I don't know

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