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Closer lyrics

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Closer lyrics song presented by Tory Lanez :

Yea, you know
I used to think about it as child-like
What would it really be like if I actually got up there
You know with the stars
All the fame, laughs

[Verse 1]
It all started when me and my mama in argument
Swear we gon' live in apartments
Feeling like a deer in front of whips without the headlights
Mama cried tears from the trouble with the feds like
Something's stopping this drive, like a red light
I just wanna be more than my mama see
Cause honestly I'm tired of the street crime
Grind every day of the week I, she creeps high
And do whatever I like, like T-I-C-I
Know I fucked up in the past
And your heart chips breaks like a cup or a glass
But, I'm right here mama
So wipe your tears mama
You would see your nephew a new Nike Airs Imma
Be here 'till I never see tears
And give you that truck that's detailed with each tale
Cop ya a little house on the hill
Yea, I see [?] mama, L-U-V mama, R-I-P mama
You probably can't hear me but I miss ya
Cause all you left me with was a picture
Yea, whatever it seems your death got a car that drives into my dreams

[Outro: Goapele]
But I'm going higher
Closer to my dreams
I'm going higher and higher
I can almost reach
Sometimes you just have to let it go (let it go)
Leaving all my fears to burn and die
Push them all away so I can move on
Closer to my dreams
Feel it all over my being, in my being
Close your eyes and seek what you believe

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