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And fuck whoever thought it wasn't that hard
Fifteen hundred dollar limit dreaming about a black card
Aiming for the stars, with a rocket in the back yard
Hard to keep a good girl, not trying to play that card
But never had no cash to spend
Need a whip? I ask a friend
If I can't withstand, even sweats you look attractive in
Cook a meal at home, some yellow tail I pour a glass, pretend
Smash all night then wake you up to smash again
Felt like we could never do wrong, and you been down for too long
There's nothing to improve on
That's why I could never move on
From clippin' out a coupon
From sleeping on a futon
To being driven in a presidential Lincoln or a Yukon
And I know you always stay down for the cause
You love me even for the flaws
But don't do this shit for applause
Soon as I get right I'mma take care of you
Swear I'm so prepared to love you
Know there's no one there above you

Yeah, pick it up where I left you at
Never wannna go have to get you back
Enough hard times, yeah we went through that
Big ol' house, I'mma get you that
Overseas trips, baby let's do that
Lookin' at your face and I'm thinking' about the place where I met you at
Yeah, and since day one, you supported these dreams
Always stay right by my side, trust I notice these things
Even way, way back
When my buzz was still like bee stings
Broke as ever, when your vision's far it's tough to see things
And whenever we ate out, we might split an entree
Bank account with $3k, that's no relation to Andre
And that would be a hot day save for rain, that's what my moms say
I think just putting cash away is what she was trying to convey
'Cause money comes, money goes, people twist a funny rose
Anyone would tell you that one good girl's worth twenty ho's
Soon as I get right I'mma take care of you
Swear I'm so prepared to love you
Know there's no one there above you

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