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Deadbolt lyrics

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When deadbolts awake you from deja vu dreams,
At four in the morning you know where I'll be
Out running red lights asleep at the wheel
The sirens feed my nightmares

I just close my eyes and I'm already there
Its already too late
I know it's nothing but lies
But they sound so sincere
I find them too hard to hate

And she calls from the doorway "stolen water is sweet,
So lets drink it in the darkness if you know what I mean"
And she calls from the doorway "stolen water is sweet,
So lets drink it in the darkness if you know what I mean"

And I'm almost sure
That I've been here before,
That this is not the first time I've stood in front of this door
With an overwhelming feeling that I shouldn't go in
But it seems this is a battle that I never could win

And you
My true love
You call from the hilltop
You call through the streets
"Darling don't you know,
The water is poison"
And I say
"Come on and give me my poison"

What have I done?
Is it too late to save me from this place?
From the depths of the grave
We all are those...
Who thought we were brave
What have I done?

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