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Dem Ones lyrics

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[Verse 1]
Off the stage to the studio
Couple groupie hoes will give it to ya like Julio
In the movie, move the moody like I got a problem
She told me lean over and pop yourself an Oxycotton
I told her never, I don't do drugs
Only thing we poppin' is a few slugs
If niggas stop plottin' on 'em our drugs
Too dub blowin', pourin' this D'ucé in these two cups
Sippin', killin' these niggas like I'm Jimmy from the Ku-Klux
Yeah, I'm makin' money now, I'm on tour
These women love me so they encore
These niggas hate me, better know you got the wrong boy
My bitch nails French tippin' without the bonjour
I'm unsure of these niggas 'cause I don't know if they just pop it for the moment or
Maybe they just pop it 'cause the kid ain't get his moment yet
Yacht party, foreign models smokin' on the deck
I fucked my phone up in a pool this afternoon
I gotta stash the number in my mental Rolodex
She know I'm dope, I know it's wet
I fucked before, I know it's sex, listen
Shit is only gettin' distant when ya nigga's dissin'
I just watch the snakes, live to see these niggas hissin'
Gang picture, we just try follow the mission
Swallow pride, but knew we couldn't swallow ambition
I lost a couple of real bitches to this fame
Had to refresh they names like tryna read the top of your mentions
.40 Glock with extension, sure to make a shawty bop
Stop what he doin' while payin' the shots some attention
Screw faced niggas that came from the top of the trenches
Out of TO corners, we was just Younger and Dumber
Just tryna run through these jungles
And plus, the numbers was hot
Life rugga had me cuffin' a lot
I said ,"Fuck it" many times, man
I ain't gon' lie between, Keisha bein' pregnant and me bein' independent
I wanted more to life too, but I needed to pen it
Fuck workin' at that Denny's in the backroom
I need a bitch that want fuck me out in Cancun
Off the facts, she know I'ma be the man soon
I'm tired of niggas always sayin' who I sound like
Never again will you get that pleasure
I'm switchin' my flows, I hit that measure
And from now ;til I die, fuck nigga, you gon' get that pressure
It's Fargo

[Verse 2]
I ain't gon' lie, I been smokin'
Ten on this job and I'm rollin'
All on the highway I'm swervin'
Bad bitch beside me, she boppin'
Young niggas be on that hoe shit
Me? I just be on this smoke shit
These hoes, they know that I'm 'bout it
So she ain't gon' be on that bullshit
See me ridin' with the drop top
Gotta fly when I slide by
See me ridin' in that foreign
Front lights look cock-eyed
So don't you be actin'
Shawty, I'm sippin that Ac'
Backwood, just bought me a pack
And you should be smokin' 'em with me
Don't worry about these hoes I fuck, girl, they're not no big deal
Ten on 5 on this trap, girl, it's not no big deal
All of them niggas you fuck with, they're not no big deal
Just holla at a nigga when you want somethin' real
Once again, once again
Once again, once again
Who ya man? Who ya man?
All that nigga is pretend, yeah yeah
Said I'm free by ten
Come around by then
Shit, in the condo, yeah
We can condo it, yeah
So you know that I'm 'bout it
Sit down
Bend down

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