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Dependency lyrics

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Dependency lyrics song presented by Tory Lanez :

Yeah, oh it’s for my dad, niggas
My mind real, niggas
My candidate niggas
It’s the realest shit I ever wrote
It’s the eldest shit she’ll ever quote

Oh, I know these niggas love to hate me but fuck it, I’m with it
I’m running the city!
I bought fifty for them bitches are back in the 50s
Swiss cheese for some niggas I’m fucking with...
And break bread with all them niggas is hustling with me
I know the feeling I felt to for-feeling it
Screw fake city I felt to be… grilling it
I grew up fast, too much cash
In the brain of this nigga, that didn’t blew up fast
I suppress to my mind though, my mind on the dime though
I’mma keep kick it, till I’m looking like Orlando
Stressing up feeling, cause I’m feeling it’s my time though
Know it I’mma kill it, I’m the illest from my time bro
Time zone, time switch, I get crime, get money and a mind switch
I’m in the mind’s pit, with no money, so hungry than a…
Before the country I rap it cause it’s my shit
I get some scene of how you niggas get
If I was on my face, you wouldn’t give a nigga shit
So fuck you all young owe a nigga enough
And everybody’s selling dreams and most of the niggas bluffing
Ain’t gotta brag, and boast a nigga, I’m coming
They know what they’re fucking fear,
They show it all in the public
Yeah, but I can see them through my third eye
We gonna be on top shots watching from the bird’s eye
View from the school, no rules where the birds lie
I was in the basement, trying to get the words out
All the brothers locked up for trying to put some birds out
Million on this case they was trying to bring the heard out
He tried to see his family, trying to see a Grammy
Working so hard, I ain’t got time to see my family
Niggas on the B role, they’ll be fucking with me
... To make this weapon they go back before the kilos
You gotta understand that a nigga like me I was raised with
If you got a beef, you throw the heads back
Fuck what your men’s at!
If it’s going down, it’s right now for the hand clap
Damn, you stand back, back to my bullshit
Used to chill with niggas that was trapped with a full clique
It’s volatile niggas, ... Bullshit
But he never caught up, look how he was brought up
Stand upon your feet, cause the closest niggas hunger
Breaking the alarms up, we was doing bad like there was no such thing as karma
Shout my nigga, that’s the way, he didn’t have no armor
Had my nigga big leaning like he was out from karma
I can’t see it any further,
Life is a single… I ain’t seeing any fathers,
She won’t see a...
Maybe on the weekend, if you see some cooking decent in
She a probably karma and she a probably...
Been rich, went broke, then rich again
With all that I’ve seen I found a lot of missing friends, niggas
That was just pretend, fuck the bells, get the pay
Riding like district ten, a hundred Benz just to spin
Rumor nigga whispering, what’s a nigga whispering
To a mother fucker that ain’t listening…
Jump by a nigga dick, ride it cause a nigga sick
Then the buzz dying, all the mother fuckers bitches…
I don’t give a fuck now, made a nigga numb now
Bitch who’s going dumb, and I’ll never play the dumb down
I face it, go harder, then it’s...
Let the game play… touch down!
I put it on survival, I’m on fire
Get a mother fucking grip, nigga full tire
Fuck these bitches and these niggas, they are all liars
But got niggas and some bitches, nigga bonfires
Yeah, enough forever on some fly shit
I’mma draw the line, you niggas think who you gonna ride with
... Fuck with you for fucking with me
Half of niggas is pussies, you pussie niggas is dickies
... Swear that she’ll get me
Me and… she know that she only hear from my Benjies
... So all you niggas resent me for all the hate that you send me
But it’s so plane though, I only came up
Sense for the future, beg a high scoring
Teachers call me a looser
Cause she thought that I was focused on banging, it’s so...
Fuck you for not…
The better… and judging the young nigga
With dreams and aspirations for making my fun bigger
Hey, a lot of things I had to figure out
So fake shit don’t ever come about this nigga mouth!

Nigga, Canada! Aha! Live nigga shine shit on me, it’s all good nigga
I’m about to get my nigga, when I get it don’t ask me for nothing, nigga
I don’t owe a nigga nothing
Damn! And all my niggas back home, we gonna get down there in a minute my nigga
We gonna get this money!

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