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[Verse 1: Merlyn Wood]
I sold that dope in the dormitory
I throw room and the ramen on me
I told my mom that she shouldn't worry
So I'm taking student loans from the country
I will pay that shit off 'til I'm fourty ('til I'm fourty)
I don't want to have to make, McFlurries
Sellin' students single sacks got boring
My college kids facing keys like both quarters
My [?] to every lad sandstormin'
Send them shop, exertin' Prada like it's a car show
The shit is pure man, why he sellin' Sweet n Low
Catchin' hell in my beaten convertible
Deep Dallas in the winter, that's so hard
Put that gold jump rope on the floor

[Chorus: Merlyn]
Woof, ahh, whoop, xen
Woof, ahh, whoop, xen

[Verse 2: Matt Champion]
Fuck the cops
They beatin' the cases
I see the pistol while they raisin' their aim
White doesn't fly when carnations they pain me
Family need a little sleep & serenity
Poppin' cherry color like her virginity
Come [?]on the brink of a better me
I keep an eye up on the [?] bed with me
No wonder you [?] death for me
I got the fragrance, throw me the cologne
Sippin' so long, [?] cologne
Fuck the percentages
I want the leverage, I want the leverage
I be reserved, I do not blur
Keep out my face with your, petty little urge
Life like a blur, learn 'bout the curves
Skin and my body, I've been insecure

[Chorus: Merlyn]
Woof, ahh

[Bridge: Kevin Abstract & Joba]
Yeah (yow, yow, yow, yow)

[Verse 3: Dom McLennon]
I am from another dimension
Better step to me with nine hitmen
Freeway Ricky I'm a line kingpin
This present moment's a divine vision
Saw my past and took a dive to dig in
Couldn't make myself a pot to piss in
Motivation lacking my decisions
This felt like a holy intervention
I put that pack in my undergarments
Them boys had locked the pharma department
Packing up pills at the base apartment
I didn't taste it, thought it was garbage
Never had figured to ask who grabbed it
Noticed my friends had developed habits
Men and women both reduced to savage
Just to satisfy what needed scratching
MDMA mixed with bad karma
Spliffs from Newport's rolled with marijuana
Someone broke and sold the plug
Sent the law to his moms to put a slug on 'em
Boys woke him with the straps out
They ain't know about the stash house
Couple decades got evaded
'Cause he moved the last piece before he passed out

[Bridge: Kevin Abstract & Joba]
(yow, yow, yow, yow)

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