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Don't Tie It lyrics

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[Verse 1: K.i.D]
Yeah, Yeah, Look
Alright well I keep it laced up
But I barley lace my shoes though
And I gotta wear two socks
Only good as tuco
Doggie how do you do?
You feet looks like ew (no)
What the fuck are those shoes woah
Those bitches are too old
All these lame ass tacky rappers with no swag
Baggy jeans and they chains and they dressin like my dad
Like what the fuck is that
You make it easy to hate less
And don't try to lie
Boy I seen yo ass at payless
But it's cool
But if you know what to do
And you're not a bum and you try to dress
Like an essay from 91
And when it comes to paper doggie I don't own a wood mill
I mean shit I shop at goodwill
But my clothes look good still
Get your fuckin jeans from around your fuckin knees
Doggie loosen up them chains let them fuckin trucks breath
And the whole way to pro club
That shit is looking dusty
Ay yo ay don't tie your shoes that tight it's ugly really


[Bridge: K.i.D]
Damn that shit look ugly
Damn that shit look ugly
Damn that shit look ugly

[Verse 2: Mr. Man]
Look, well damn that shit look ugly
Them Chuck Taylor's choking
Fuck these hoes show no emotion
Bitch I'm smoking with my niggas
Tie your shoes cuz bro you trippin'
Heard that mister on that cap of crack
Melonhead tryna buy a sack
Still Jakob's camera, tryna buy it back
Damn, I'm just playing in the game like Derrick Rose
You on the bench, talking shit, while I'm coming killing these shows
Add Mr. Man to the top
I'm hard to beat so don't try it
Jakob and K.i.D
We laced up but don't tie it

[Verse 3: K.i.D]
God damn, god damn
I'm the fuckin man boy
All you niggas playin like theres some kids in the sand boy
But really really dog
Don't tie it
Come to think of it
Man why the fuck did you buy it?
Those are wack
Those are trash
Those are garbage
Those are super bad
Even McLovin wouldn't want nothin to do with that
Hundind dolla swag ain't ever gonna change
And the only thing I keep fully laced is my name
Thank you


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