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EAZ6 lyrics

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Tell me should a real nigga feel this way, Cause I've been already gone, baby
Smoking and I'm drinking strong, baby

Yea, yea, yea

[Verse 1]
Re-re-remix killer for the niggas who don't know it I be posted on the east side (east side)
Six on the way and I'm about to change the game, show 'em niggas how we ride (we ride)
Know it's all love, but where the boy come from they put a gun between your peace sign. (Fuh Fiya)
Zone six nigga you'll get killed for the buzz don't get caught up in the bee hive, Oh no
(Forever) Forever, I ain't seen nothin' better
I took a break from Atlanta, pretty weather came back around like a merry-go
Simple fella but I want this shit forever
We in here
These rappers seasonal like a county fair
I'm the original you're lookin' like a spare
Boy you drop a hot song and be gone in a year
Aw no, what they wan' do
Memory loss, well let me remind you
That flow water like a fucking monsoon
If I see her and I want her I might get your mom soon
Now I'm your daddy forever
Wordplay really clever
That real shit 'imma slip her
Now she my cinderella
I want her 'imma cop her
Yea 'imma buy her hella
If she was down to earth
Now her attitude pr-pr-pr-pr-propella
Swing my way
Girl I make every day feel like a Friday
It's the appetizer wait until the entre
And I'll be god damned if I let you take some fucking food off of my plate
Cause when I'm on a plane I be on the way
And when I'm on the way she say ándale
Rollin' with my niggas tryna get a change
Now we ran our bands up, I'm the one to blame

I try to play numb to shit like this
But I'm cool, cause this isn't love
We all have obsessions, oh, sometimes, sometimes
Cause when I'm on the road, I be on the road
I mean you can hold me down, but I'm not to hold
Riding with my niggas we the ones they chose
Running through the city like, "I know you know!"

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