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FLIP MO lyrics

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[Hook: Merlyn Wood]
Flip, flip mo nigga
Flip, flip phone
Flip, flip mo nigga
Flip, flip phone

[Verse 1: Merlyn Wood]
I just dropped out
I got my liberty
Acting like hot celebrity
Actually, I'm a rapper
You a dropout?
No food in your mouth now
No weed in your mouth now
And no you in your mom's house
(That don't sound so bad now)
Cause you ain't got no bed now
And all them niggas you banked on
Is backing out like a ringtone that's
Pop, lock and dropping
So I had to take that
Pot and ziploc it

[Hook: Merlyn Wood]
Flip, flip mo nigga
Flip, flip phone
Flip, flip mo nigga
Flip, flip phone

[Verse 2: Dom McLennon]
I'm smoking blunts with Barack
Money inside of a sock
Stage diver holding my cock
You busy holding the block
And I've been refining my vision
You make the decision
We flexing in public, you love it
It's bullshit around me
I'm living above it
We too busy getting these buckets, nigga
Higher than the summit for the nuggets, nigga
Work on the canvas like Samo
I'm off the chain like I'm Django
Never been one for the labels
What do you bring to the table?
Nigga, stop speaking in fables
I'm a young misfit looking for the quick flip
Left hook take you out of this district
Watch a nigga's soul leave his existence
Hit a lick then I hop on my nimbus

[Outro: Merlyn Wood]
Flip, flip mo nigga

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