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This is Global Tel Link
You have a prepaid call from, TC
An inmate at the Delano Community Correctional Facility, Delano, California
This call and your telephone number will be monitored and recorded
To accept this call, say or dial 5 now
Thank you for using Global Tel Link

[Big TC]
Yo YG what's happenin' fool? It's TC fool, nigga
Shit, nigga stay callin' your ass
You never answer the motherfuckin' phone
But shit look bro, a nigga really callin' you to let you know that I'm lookin' for them dollars, nigga
Nigga really down in this bitch you feel me?
Nigga, stomach damn near touchin' his back bro you feel me?
But you stay comin' through for a nigga man, I appreciate that man you feel me?
Shit the last five years wouldn't be the same without you for sure for sure you feel me?
A lot of niggas turned they backs on a nigga you feel me? But shit
Stay riding for me and I appreciate you fool you know what I'm sayin' like
Keep doing yo shit though you feel me?
Keep puttin' your foot on these nigga's necks man I see you man
And fool look I know you be out here on some street shit
But look man that shit ain't worth it you feel me?
I been here with niggas that really be walkin' the yard all they life you feel me?
Because of one decision they made you feel me?
And you got the opportunity to change niggas' lives, change your life, change your family's life man you should get out there and do that you feel me?
A lot of niggas don't get to see and do the shit that you done you feel me?
Especially a nigga like me that's sittin' in here everyday and never see the others, shit's the same you feel me?
Ayy but look man, send my love out to all the homies and shit man
Tell em' I miss 'em you feel me?
Niggas still remember everybody
Tell your moms, tell your lil bro and all of them I said what's hannin'
Stay bollect bro you feel me? I'm 'bout to get up off this phone you feel me?
Bout' to be chow time you hear me?
You know what I'm saying? But uhh
Stay dangerous nigga, stay on your shit nigga
Keep doing you nigga
Keep your foot on these nigga's neck all day long you feel me?
I'm out though nigga this TC, you already know the deal nigga
One love nigga, I love all yo' ass, Stay up

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