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Freestyle (AWGE: Volume 3) lyrics

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Freestyle (AWGE: Volume 3) lyrics song presented by A$AP Rocky :

(feat. Kanye West & A$AP Ferg)

[Verse 1: Kanye]
It's the alien
It's the monster and I don't know what to say to him
I got date again, I was late again
Head up ate it then, and I was faded then
Well fuck it then, got a gun tuck it then
Real friends ya stuck with them

[Verse 2: A$AP Ferg]
Like Jada said:
"When you thinking then you thinking of a problem:
And I come from Harlem, click pow, revolve them
You don't want no problems y'all nigga will starve them
I don't give a fuck, click pow revolve them
A Lord will save 'em, empty wave 'em
Come through flame 'em the dollar engrave them
I'm hoping 'Ye save 'em, coming with the-

[Verse 3: Kanye]
I invented "save a hoe", save the flow
I invented going broke, I didn't save the dough
But they paid me though
Ain't it though, and the most hated though

[Verse 4: A$AP Ferg]
He invented save a hoe, I saved it though
I like "neverhoe" and Navajo
Not a hoe, come through a lot of dough
Getting cream, artichoke
I otta choke a lot of you niggas on the block
Come through with the Glock
Trap Lord on my stomach and I'm feeling like I'm 'Pac
You will get shot don't play with the kid
Aim to your wig, I spray at your bed
Niggas better lay on the -, and I do it how I do it
Niggas still riding in the Bewick, looking all stupid
Looking foolish

[Verse 5: A$AP Rocky]
Above you like God, and like the lord said
Tell that bitch to suck my long golden sword
Swore to Lord, I said it before
Man curious like George
I fuck ya broad when I'm bored
Never gave a fuck about shit I can't afford
I just get it then I explore it and ignore it
Until the day came when I got a chance or an advance
And I bought what I wanted for my parents
Fuck you niggas know chain hanging from my pants
Never in the low in the stands I don't dance
In the club by the door, with the gun by my hands
By my pants a mother fucking eighty-

[Verse 6: A$AP Ferg + Kanye West]
Ima tell all you niggas, y'all niggas owe me
I'm getting cheese you still getting baloney
You think you on top but you niggas below me
Bitch you could blow me homie, you don't know me
This the D-F-E-R-G with the homies
A-$-A-P, T-R-A-P, L-O-R-D nigga pay me
Yeezy coming through please believe me
Ya'll niggas cheesy looking all greasy
Y'all nigga don't wanna mess with yeezy
I got the motherfucking cheese in my deesy
We might have to call Jeezy for the adlibs
Or Wheezy for a bad bitch
With my seven hundred Yeezys on
I got seven hundred Yeezys, homes
Believe me homes

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