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Fuck It lyrics

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[Bridge: YG]
Gotta go to court tomorrow Fuck it
Blew a stack at the mall, Fuck it
I was supposed to play basketball, Fuck it
My bitch was cheatin after all, Fuck it

[Hook x4: YG]
Fuck it, fuck it

[Verse 1: YG]
Gotta go to court tomorrow
D.E.A. on my dick
Ya'll niggas like flys ya'll be on my shit
Ya'll niggas ain't fly ya'll niggas hoes
Ya'll niggas ain't bros ya'll nigga hoes
Money stacked for your lawyer cause I catch a case
Where the crocadile hunter at?
These niggas snakes
Ugh, ya'll nigga tried to pack the homies
Ya'll niggas swiss cheese like macaroni
Yeah, I gotta go to court tomorrow
But I prolly won't show up
Your bitch say she at home
If I pull up she gon ho up
I pastacio crack your bitch
Then pour up some actavis
Fuck the camera I got the glam on me
Two box shorty got the hammer on me



[Verse 2: Reem Riches]
Fuck court, fuck the judge, fuck the D.E.A
Pushaz Ink bitch we ball like E.A
Reem Rich yea my pockets on swole nigga
Young and rich I'm addicted to these gold diggers
So much money think we signed with illuminati
Inked up, tats all on a nigga body
Geeked up nigga, beam me up Scottie
That's your bitch nigga
She let us run a trolley
Yeah, she wasn't even off the molly
Pushaz Ink the label, bitch you heard about us
Hit the mall, blow a stack, then it's back to rap
Porsches, Benzo's, nigga back to back
Rap don't work, then it's back to crack
My nigga Mustard on the beat I'm his young attack
Yeah, it's a lot of money over here
Them niggas lookin broke over there



[Verse 3: YG]
I get a number 6 from Popeye's
I go at stop signs
I got your bitch on a hot line
I drop hits you niggas drop dimes
Yeah, just caught another case
Im nigga, my bitch is another race
Ugh, I put you in another place
You know what?
You niggas better say your grace
Yeah, you niggas better say your grace
I'm trying to beat trial like an 808
Like, like boom boom boom
My house got room room rooms
Yeah, we can smoke weed or we can do shrooms?
You nigga droppin albums too soon
Just got another court date
Like my taxes I was late



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