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GirlsGirlsGirls lyrics

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[Verse 1]
Well I seen her at a diner
And I was trying sign her, and I ain't have no line up
But I heard she like designer, well baby this shit's designer
There's a girl behind us, whose ass is like amazing and yours is just like kinda
But I mean that's cool, I mean you can still be cool
There's a lot of things that I can teach
That you can't learn in school
Your face is nice your waist is right there's lots of hair to pull
And if you're not into that well I mean its cool
You can just come to my crib and skinny dip in my pool
And invite your friends until that shit is full yeah

I'll stack money up to the ceiling baby and you can have all of it
It don't mean shit no as long as i hit ill be oh so content oh so content

[Verse 2]
And you let me hit your friends and they mamas
Sorry for starting drama between you and your girls
I gotta hit em all they're so many in the world
Promise I'll hit you most when ever I'm on your coast
I'll just coast to your crib and give your ass a dose of this
Did I ever tell you, no I probably shouldn't tell you
Whatever fuck it, I get a boner when I smell you it's weird
My rooms dirty lets use the backseat
Metaphorically and physically let off a little steam
Now breathe, fuck, yeah breathe, out in out in breathe
Now get up off your knees little baby its time to go
It's already foggy and see I don't even smoke
You should go home and put on a change of clothes
Because it would mean the most if you showed up to my show
Sure enough she did, her and her friends cut off shorts and bottles of Cris
Told her throw that away sure enough she did
Because if they don't like me then I don't like them
That's the type of shit that make her think that I'm a boss
The ring ain't that expensive she just think that what it cost
But it don't cost much but a couple of hugs and the occasional fuck
And then we got love
Its kinda sad ain't it
Imagine being famous first you fuck girls and then after you get acquainted
Sounds sort of exciting i've never really tried it
But if you want to be my guest baby you're invited yeah

I'll stack money up to the ceiling baby and you can have all of it
It don't mean shit no as long as i hit ill be oh so content oh so content

Girls [x33]
(I love Girls)

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